Matt Appling

Matt Appling

Matt Appling is a teacher and a pastor at a house church called Levi’s House in Kansas City, MO. Check out his blog at

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Good Enough

By Matt Appling
God created everything, and he saw that it was all good. And ever since then, people have been trying to make things that are good too. It’s a pursuit that has driven… read more

God Does Not Want to Be Proven

By Matt Appling
Despite the efforts of several missionaries, I have never become a Mormon, Or a Jehovah’s Witness, Or Hare Krishna. As a rule, when a missionary comes to my door, I… read more

There Are No Seekers

By Matt Appling
What are so-called “seekers” actually seeking? You know, those seekers that we talk about so much.  Whole churches can be seeker sensitive, or seeker driven, or … read more

Jesus Was a Crappy Evangelist

By Matt Appling
Jesus can make some situations pretty awkward. A few summers ago, I found myself on the downtown streets of my city. Yes, I was passing out tracts.  Yes, I was asking… read more

Why Christians are Pro-Bullying

By Matt Appling
You want to know what the next big cause is? No, environmentalism isn’t going away. Though it turns out that those eco-friendly wind farms actually contribute to global… read more

Friending Jesus

By Matt Appling
Everyone likes to have friends.  The more friends, the better. And as the word “religion” has become more and more distasteful, Christians have tried to bill… read more
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