Shane Raynor


What Are Demons?

By Shane Raynor
In the twenty-first century Western world, believing in demons or evil spirits seems almost quaint and superstitious. Malevolent supernatural beings are thought by some to only… read more

Christians and Ghost Hunting

By Shane Raynor
If you aren’t familiar with the phenomenon of ghost hunting, you haven’t surfed through your basic cable channel lineup in a few years. Yes, the medium that brought… read more

Are Ghosts Real?

By Shane Raynor
When I was a youth worker, I’d occasionally get asked the question, “Are ghosts real?” How would you answer that question? Keep in mind, if you say no, you… read more

What Is the Spiritual Realm?

By Shane Raynor
The Bible tells us that “faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see” (Hebrews 11:1 CEB). It also says, “We don’t focus… read more

Evangelism and the Paranormal

By Shane Raynor
Between now and Halloween, I’m going to be publishing a series of blog posts called Supernatural October. The supernatural and the paranormal are uncomfortable subjects for… read more

Ministry Multiplication

By Shane Raynor
Practically anyone who has done any form of Christian ministry has run into walls or reached extended plateaus at some point. Many times these obstacles happen early on as we… read more
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