Shane Raynor


When Christianity Gets Boring

By Shane Raynor
I’ve been noticing a lot of articles and blog posts lately on the topic of young people leaving the church. The church definitely has a problem, but the biggest issue here… read more

Contributor or Consumer?

By Shane Raynor
I learned a lesson about worship a few years ago when I accompanied a group of high school students to a denomination sponsored youth retreat. The church I attended at the time… read more

Dallas 2012: 5 Things the Church Can Learn

By Shane Raynor
This week I did something I don’t typically do. I watched a soap opera. TNT recently resurrected the 80’s prime time serial Dallas and the new show aired its two hour … read more

God the Micromanager

By Shane Raynor
At the risk of starting a theological debate, I’d like to ask why so many of us seem to be buying into the philosophy of fatalism. Most people seem to say they don’t… read more

Handling Worship Distractions

By Shane Raynor
Are you easily distracted during Sunday worship? People who have ADHD or those who find it hard to focus in a school or work setting will often have similar struggles during… read more

Money and Guilt Trips

By Shane Raynor
Several years ago, I was preaching to a group of teenagers about stewardship and I unfortunately played the “feel guilty for spending money” card. I referenced the… read more
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