Shane Raynor


Evangelism and the Paranormal

By Shane Raynor
Between now and Halloween, I’m going to be publishing a series of blog posts called Supernatural October. The supernatural and the paranormal are uncomfortable subjects for… read more

Ministry Multiplication

By Shane Raynor
Practically anyone who has done any form of Christian ministry has run into walls or reached extended plateaus at some point. Many times these obstacles happen early on as we… read more

Supernatural October Series

By Shane Raynor
During the month of October, I’ll be looking at topics like ghosts, demons, exorcism, spiritual warfare, death, Hell, witchcraft, the occult, Satanism, psychics, vampires… read more

Reaching New People with Bible Studies and Programs

By Shane Raynor
There was a time when people chose their churches based largely on denomination, location, beliefs, or family ties. But with the rise of the internet and the proliferation of… read more

Reasons Not to Write Sermons from Scratch

By Shane Raynor
I typically enjoy teaching more than preaching, but occasionally I do get asked to speak at worship services or other events. On those occasions, I’ve generally logged many… read more

Where's Your Worship Service Going?

By Shane Raynor
The difference between a worship service that works and one that doesn’t isn’t only about substance and style—it’s about where participants find themselves … read more
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