Shane Raynor


Does Church Membership Matter Anymore?

By Shane Raynor, Adam Thomas, Joseph Yoo
Live Webcast from Thursday May 15, 2014  What does formal church membership mean in the 21st century? Is it still relevant or is it a relic that needs to be discarded or… read more


By Shane Raynor
The Bible says in 1 Peter that we're “liberated by the precious blood of Christ.” (CEB) What are we set free from? And why do some Christians seem to find it so… read more

The Person We Used to Be

By Shane Raynor
In Romans 6:6, Paul tells us, “This is what we know: the person that we used to be was crucified with [Christ] in order to get rid of the corpse that had been controlled by… read more

Schism: Good or Bad, Don't Believe the Hype

By Shane Raynor
If you follow religion blogs and news sites, it’s likely you’ve heard buzz about the possibility of schism in the United Methodist Church. The controversies… read more

Church Growth, Yahoo Style

By Shane Raynor
Do you remember the last time you used Yahoo’s search engine? For me it was probably right after the turn of the century. (I was still in my twenties and George W. Bush had… read more

Mark Driscoll and the Death of Christian Celebrity Culture

By Shane Raynor
Mark Driscoll has taken quite a beating on Christian blogs and social media in recent days. He has probably deserved a good bit of the flak he’s received, but as is the case … read more
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