1. Word and Water

    Blog Word and Water

    Once upon a time I went out to a small rural church to baptize a twelve-year-old boy whom a pastor had been instructing in the faith. I was happy to oblige until the pastor said…

  2. Baptism Dilemma

    Blog Baptism Dilemma

    At this point, a lot of my childhood memory is indistinguishable from my childhood artifacts. What I think I remember in many cases is nothing more than knowledge of a Polaroid or …

  3. Made of Time

    Blog Made of Time

    Sarah has a lot going on. She plays in three school sports a year, each of which involves daily practices during the season and regular workouts in the off-season. As a favor to…

  4. Anonymous Promises

    Blog Anonymous Promises

    I played hooky from the church my husband pastors one week and worshiped instead at a nearby Episcopal church. It happened to be baptism and confirmation Sunday, and I was…

  5. The Case for Infant Baptism

    Blog The Case for Infant Baptism

    Ten years ago, I never would have thought I would baptize my children as infants. In the Disciples of Christ tradition in which I was raised, a voluntary confession of faith was…

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