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  1. Mark Driscoll and Social Media

    Blog Mark Driscoll and Social Media

    When Mark Driscoll put his foot in his mouth on Facebook last week, it was the status update heard around the world. Rachel Held Evans quickly labeled him a bully and encouraged…

  2. Politicians and Private Morality

    Blog Politicians and Private Morality

    I’ve been checking out a recent survey from Public Religion Research Institute that indicates a greater willingness by Americans to give political figures a pass for sexual…

  3. Church Trial

    Blog Church Trial

    The Casey Anthony trial is getting non-stop coverage right now, but there’s another trial taking place in Wisconsin that’s getting a different kind of national…

  4. Christians and the Pledge

    Blog Christians and the Pledge

    The Pledge of Allegiance is back in the news again. This time it’s because the NBC television network cut the words “under God, indivisible” from a presentation…

  5. Words and Tracy Morgan

    Blog Words and Tracy Morgan

    Tracy Morgan is learning a hard lesson. Sometimes when you say something hateful, no matter how hard you try to atone for it, it’s impossible to unring the bell. During his…

  6. In Elevation's Defense...

    Blog In Elevation's Defense...

    There has been some online outrage over the last few days about an incident that took place on Easter Sunday at Elevation Church, a prominent North Carolina megachurch. The mother …

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