1. Practical Repentance

    Blog Practical Repentance

    In 1938 three German scientists working in a laboratory in Berlin made a discovery that altered the course of history: They split the uranium atom. The fear among scientists was…

  2. 5 Tips for Preaching and Teaching on the End Times

    Blog 5 Tips for Preaching and Teaching on the End Times

    I suppose there’s always the chance that the apocalypse could happen later today, but unless there’s a dramatic turn of events, it looks like the Mayans got it wrong…

  3. The Return of Christ

    Blog The Return of Christ

    With all the uncertainty surrounding the 2012 phenomenon, it seems a little more fitting this year to actually focus on the second advent of Jesus Christ during... well... Advent. …

  4. Eyes on Israel

    Blog Eyes on Israel

    Last week, Kim Kardashian found out just how fired up people can get when someone dares to bring up the subject of Israel. On Friday, she tweeted to her 16+ million followers…

  5. Advent Apocalypse

    Blog Advent Apocalypse

    Advent is one of my favorite times on the church calendar. But when I was growing up, it was little more than the Christmas pre-season, a countdown to the birth of Jesus... and…

  6. Make Your Face Shine

    Blog Make Your Face Shine

    Imagine with me the Apostle Peter, who is imprisoned in Rome near the end of his life, talking to his cellmate about the day when Jesus spoke about his coming again. We were used …

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