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  1. Good Leaders are Good Followers

    Blog Good Leaders are Good Followers

    A young woman was filling out an application for college when she came across the question: Are you a leader? She thought she had better be brutally honest, so she answered, "No." …

  2. Spotting Control Freaks

    Blog Spotting Control Freaks

    I recently wrote an article on “10 Things that Kill Ministry.”  One of the things I listed as a “killer” was control freaks—those who try to…

  3. 10,000 Hours

    Blog 10,000 Hours

    When I watch my children skim-boarding in the surf, I remember what it is like to be blissfully young, oblivious to danger, and as flexible as a rubber band. I am none of those…

  4. On Christian Celebrity

    Blog On Christian Celebrity

    In college, there was a group I thought of as “the elite Christian crew.” They were the cool kids active in the bigger campus ministries at our formerly-Baptist…

  5. Doctor, Doctor

    Blog Doctor, Doctor

    It was that time of year once again, time for my annual physical; and I had been dreading it as badly as one can dread anything. But my dread was for reasons beyond the obvious…

  6. Does Clergy Moral Failing Point to a Sick Church?

    Blog Does Clergy Moral Failing Point to a Sick Church?

    Recently in our conference, a pastor took a grave misstep that resulted in a dramatic moral failure. While this is tragic for the clergy person and the parsonage family, it is…

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