Remember the Future

  1. 30. We See A New Church

    Blog 30. We See A New Church

    I recently spoke with some of the laity, clergy, and bishops who have given direction to Call to Action. Often I return from meetings with a low-grade depression, the discussions…

  2. 29. Somewhere Out There

    Blog 29. Somewhere Out There

    Somewhere out there is a five-year-old boy who doesn’t know that right now plans are being made by a congregation he’s never heard of to offer a neighborhood vacation…

  3. 28. “Laid Aside By Thee”

    Blog 28. “Laid Aside By Thee”

    The Covenant Prayer, composed and adapted by John Wesley, invites complete humility and obedience to God’s service, asking God to work through us or to work around us, and…

  4. 27. The Vicious Habit

    Blog 27. The Vicious Habit

    Elections are drawing near in the U. S., and I’m already feeling bombarded by political ads. They barge into my driving time through radio spots, interrupt the rare moments…

  5. 26. Cultivating Clergy Fruitfulness

    Blog 26. Cultivating Clergy Fruitfulness

    Imagine that you chair the History department of a university, and three tenured professors announce their retirement. Student enrollment has declined and finances are tight, so…

  6. 25. The Best Organizational Plan in the World

    Blog 25. The Best Organizational Plan in the World

    The first concern of the Call to Action is not structural change. The critical question is how to shift attention, resources, and energy toward enriching and extending…

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