Remember the Future

  1. 24. A Healthy Urgency

    Blog 24. A Healthy Urgency

    Find a comfortable position in a peaceful place. Bring a cup of coffee. Take a deep breath. Breathe in slowly, and then release. I’m about to share bad news. Everyone who…

  2. 23. Metrics and the Immeasurables of Ministry

    Blog 23. Metrics and the Immeasurables of Ministry

    Vines, branches, seeds, vineyards, farmers, fig trees, harvests, sowers, soils, weeds, roots. Fruitfulness provides a metaphor for many profound aspects of the spiritual life and…

  3. 22. The Most Significant Arena

    Blog 22. The Most Significant Arena

    Methodism began as a way of life. Wesley organized people into societies, classes, and bands in order to provide a disciplined accountability to sustain growth in Christ and…

  4. 20. Every Dollar Has a Mission

    Blog 20. Every Dollar Has a Mission

    Apportionment formulas, budget requests, salaries, pensions, line items, giving patterns, reserves, expenditures, capital costs, stewardship, reductions, audits, revenue…

  5. 21. At the Margins

    Blog 21. At the Margins

    The church fulfills its mission at the margins of the congregation, where those who actively follow Christ encounter those who are not a part of the community of faith. Picture a…

  6. 19. Logjam

    Blog 19. Logjam

    I run along a bike trail that has a number of small bridges stretched across creeks and streams. These former railway structures were built with thick steel girders that rise high …

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