Remember the Future

  1. 18. Who's In Charge?

    Blog 18. Who's In Charge?

    The United Methodist Church has no governing board. That fact surprises many United Methodists. As a Bishop, I receive countless letters that begin, “Why don’t the…

  2. 17. Love with Legs

    Blog 17. Love with Legs

    John Wesley’s inner holiness, the sanctifying and perfecting love at work inside us, finds outward expression in social witness, a dedicated commitment to changing…

  3. 16. People No One Else Can Reach

    Blog 16. People No One Else Can Reach

    I would not be a Christian today if it were not for The United Methodist Church. That’s a rather bold statement. I’ve only recently come to realize this as I reflect…

  4. 15. Changing Lives

    Blog 15. Changing Lives

    “I was not trained to change peoples’ lives, but to change their membership affiliations.” From the first time I heard Gil Rendle say this, the truth immediately …

  5. 14. While It Was Still Dark

    Blog 14. While It Was Still Dark

    Can congregations change? Can God breathe new life into congregations as surely as God’s grace can interrupt and redirect a person’s journey? Can congregations with a…

  6. 13. The Field

    Blog 13. The Field

    With binoculars in hand, I entered the field seeking a better angle to see the mix of sparrows stealthily foraging in a brush pile. The field, jointly owned and managed by the…

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