Remember the Future

  1. 12. The Big Rocks

    Blog 12. The Big Rocks

    A story in First Things First (Stephen Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca R. Merrill) describes a lesson about the use of time. The instructor fills a large jar with big rocks…

  2. 11. Obedience

    Blog 11. Obedience

    The Christian year provokes us to reflection upon many key words that shape our faith. During Advent we deepen our understanding of waiting, watching, anticipation, hope…

  3. 10. An Especial Care

    Blog 10. An Especial Care

    How did the notion of conferring together (Conference!) begin for United Methodists? John Wesley describes the first conference this way: In June, 1744, I desired my brother and…

  4. 9. Pruning for Growth

    Blog 9. Pruning for Growth

    While teaching in a congregation, I recounted scriptures about fruitfulness: vines, branches, seedtime, harvest, soils, vineyards, trees, fruits. The Bible is replete with stories …

  5. 8. Where Did It Come From?

    Blog 8. Where Did It Come From?

    The COB and the CT commissioned the TWR from which the CTA was derived. The COB and CT approved the CTA and named the IOT, which developed GC legislation that affects GBGM, GBHEM, …

  6. 7. Forty Days

    Blog 7. Forty Days

    A lot can change in forty days. I listen to the news every day, mostly on the radio as I drive. It occurs to me how much can happen in just a few weeks. The world can turn upside …

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