1. Open Hands, Open Hearts

    Blog Open Hands, Open Hearts

    I was a guest preacher in a congregation I had never been to before. I entered as I do many congregation, a friendly stranger, but left with more than I had anticipated—with …

  2. Hard Times

    Blog Hard Times

    Yesterday I was able to spend some time at the State Street Food Pantry. Per the norm, it was a busy day Wednesday afternoon. One guy [50ish years old] I talked to told me about a …

  3. Balancing Work and Play When You’re Employed by the Church

    Blog Balancing Work and Play When You’re Employed by the Church

    For many years, my sons and I attended a special Halloween-alternative event hosted by my sister’s church. It was an anxiously awaited event in our family. My children had a …

  4. Street Smarts for Pastors

    Blog Street Smarts for Pastors

    When folks come by the church office requesting assistance, how do we know if they are truly needy or simply trying to pull a scam? There are a few simple rules to help you help…

  5. Community Focused Ministry

    Blog Community Focused Ministry

    Jay Voorhees is the pastor of Old Hickory United Methodist Church. Jay believes to be effective he needs to be involved in his community and believes you should too. You came to…

  6. VBS: Hard Work, but Worth It!

    Blog VBS: Hard Work, but Worth It!

    I have had a team of people working with me for months getting ready for the twelve hours we will spend with the kids the week of Vacation Bible School. Stuff has been piling up…

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