1. 3 Suggestions for Leadership Transition

    Blog 3 Suggestions for Leadership Transition

    When a new leader enters the picture, the opening days are critical to the leader’s success. First impressions matter. In the numerous times I’ve been the “new …

  2. Cutting Scripture Short

    Blog Cutting Scripture Short

    I've only preached twice in my life. Actually, only once, since the second sermon I prepared ended up being delivered by my husband, the pastor, while I stayed home with our…

  3. A Less Religious Future

    Blog A Less Religious Future

    What is the future of the church in America? Clearly, change is in the air. Every denomination in the country is now in decline. The number of people who are unaffiliated with a …

  4. God the Micromanager

    Blog God the Micromanager

    At the risk of starting a theological debate, I’d like to ask why so many of us seem to be buying into the philosophy of fatalism. Most people seem to say they don’t…

  5. Achieving Christlike Balance

    Blog Achieving Christlike Balance

    "Love, then do what you please." St. Augustine I saw this quote a few weeks ago while browsing through a book entitled, "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" by Madame Guyon. …

  6. Word and Water

    Blog Word and Water

    Once upon a time I went out to a small rural church to baptize a twelve-year-old boy whom a pastor had been instructing in the faith. I was happy to oblige until the pastor said…

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