1. Addicted to the Institution

    Blog Addicted to the Institution

    I remember when I was in seminary having a really strange conversation with another student. I remember him telling me that he saw the need for change in the United Methodist…

  2. Restructuring Rundown

    Blog Restructuring Rundown

    We coined a new term here in the Ministry Matters offices this morning: MethoNerd. Definition: those folks on the edge of their seats following every event at the United…

  3. Y'all Continually Repent

    Blog Y'all Continually Repent

    Friday night’s worship’s service at General Conference was titled “An Act of Repentance.”  I must admit after another long day of Legislative…

  4. For Breaking  News, Go to Twitter

    Blog For Breaking News, Go to Twitter

    Those who aren’t United Methodist probably have trouble understanding why some of the ones who are UM get so wrapped up in this whole General Conference thing. For one…

  5. Telling the Truth about Homosexuality

    Blog Telling the Truth about Homosexuality

    In the conversation about homosexuality in the church, nothing new has been said in years. I have heard and read and understand the positions of those who speak from all of the…

  6. A Day in the Life of a Reserve Delegate

    Blog A Day in the Life of a Reserve Delegate

    The morning starts at 6:45 with showers and hotel room coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made from groceries I picked up yesterday. As a reserve delegate to the…

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