Last but not least?

  1. elzy01 2012 May 25 12:25AM

    I have to wonder...
    Does the fact that this was the last section of the discussion board to propagate, actually means something? Is spreading the Good News and loving our neighbors the least discussed for a reason?
    Worship and teaching are off to a flying start with preaching and leading picking up a few posts as well. While the reach category hasn't garnered a post.
    Evangelism and mission are supposed to be pretty big parts of Christianity. So what gives?

  2. ministry_matters 2012 May 29 1:00PM

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for starting the discussion. The Reach and Lead tabs were added 6-9 months after our beta launch, which included the initial three tabs Preach, Teach, and Worship, so that is part of why fewer discussions have been started on the Reach tab. The other part is simply that discussion boards on Ministry Matters are pretty underutilized, with more conversation happening on Facebook, Twitter, and in comments on specific articles. Feel free to get the ball rolling with a discussion about evangelism!