Throwing the Baby Out With the Baptism Water

By Tom Fuerst
A few weeks ago I baptized my first baby in my new church. I wanted everything to be perfect for the parents. They will never forget the moment when their first child gets… read more

The Baptism of Youth

By Kenda Creasy Dean
Many young people enter into the fellowship of local churches without any prior congregational participation. If they have not been baptized, this is a gift that can be crucial in … read more

The First Step

By Brett Younger
Matthew 3:13-17 We don’t think about it much, but for most of us, one thing that brings us to church on Sunday is the fact that we were baptized. Some of us were baptized… read more

Worship Connection: January 12, 2014

By Nancy C. Townley
Baptism of the Lord COLOR: WhiteSCRIPTURE READINGS: Isaiah 42:1-9; Psalm 29; Acts 10:34-43; Matthew 3:13-17 Call to Worship #1: L: Welcome to worship this day! P: We… read more

Transfer of Power: The Vows of Baptism

By Carol J. Miller
One Sunday when I was out of town and therefore out of my pulpit, I attended a local church for worship. It is not often that I was able to see worship from the pew side, and I… read more

Fostering Conversation Between Adults and Youth

By Josh Tinley
Many Christian traditions practice the rite of confirmation, in which Christians—and usually young Christians—confirm the vows that they took or that were taken on… read more
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