Site of Jesus’ Last Supper a Point of Contention for Some Israeli Jews

By Michele Chabin
JERUSALEM (RNS) Ahead of Pope Francis’ visit, Jewish religious and nationalist groups plan to demonstrate Thursday (May 22) to demand that the Israeli government not cede… read more

My Greatest Fear Is...

By David Dorn
What is your greatest fear? The more I think about Luke 7 the more I'm convinced what my fear is. read more

Did Methuselah Die in the Flood of Noah?

By Clay Morgan
The new Noah film shows Noah's grandfather Methuselah surviving until the days of the Great Flood that wiped out mankind. Where did that idea come from? The answer is simple math… read more

The Bible Is Not a Rule Book— Well... Yes and No

By Allan R. Bevere
We hear someone say fairly often that the Bible is not a book of rules. The Bible is about relationships. The reverse is also stated: The Bible is a rule book. Those who emphasize … read more

The Person We Used to Be

By Shane Raynor
In Romans 6:6, Paul tells us, “This is what we know: the person that we used to be was crucified with [Christ] in order to get rid of the corpse that had been controlled by… read more

Bible Survey: Many Americans Scramble Their Scripture

By Cathy Lynn Grossman
(RNS) The Bible encourages the “repression of women,” and it’s silent on such fraught topics as war or slavery. As least, that’s what about one in five… read more
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