Old Testament Inspiration for People in Crisis

By Jessica Miller Kelley
If a friend came to you with terrible news—he had cancer, or her house had just burned down—what biblical comfort and encouragement might you offer? Paul’s… read more


By Ministry Matters
The word is repeated seven times in Ephesians 4:4-6, each time attached to a noun: body ... Spirit ... hope ... Lord ... faith ... baptism ... God. As the Christian churches of… read more

Set Your Bible Down

By Kasey Hitt
You have permission. Yes, really, you are allowed to set down the Bible—lovingly, appreciatively, let it go. It has done what it is supposed to do. Through it you have been … read more

What the Bible is All About

By Ronnie McBrayer
A seminary graduate was seeking to become pastor of his very first church, and he finally landed an interview with a pastor search committee. In a small room in the back of the… read more

Review: How Israel Became a People

By Eric Van Meter
In order to understand Israel’s development as a nation, we must look not only to Scripture, but to archaeology, sociology, and other related disciplines to find the most… read more

Heirs with Christ

By New Interpreter's® Bible
Commentary on Galatians 3:6-29 from Vol. XI of The New Interpreter's Bible, available in the Ministry Matters Premium Library.   Although the argument from experience… read more
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