Tyrion’s Church Part 3: Incarnate Life

By Brad Gabriel
Previous: Part 1 and Part 2 One of the traditional slams against the church is that it is all about “pie in the sky bye and by when you die.” Or, as Bob Marley sang… read more

Tyrion’s Church Part 2: Word and Sacrament

By Brad Gabriel
Previous: Tyrion's Church Part 1: Source Material Humans are shaped, formed, if you please, by all that they encounter even before birth. What we take into our minds, bodies and… read more

Tyrion's Church Part 1: Source Material

By Brad Gabriel
The sword and sorcery series by George R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire is a force in the literary market. The (so far) five novels in the series have sold in excess of 22… read more

Tattoos and Faith

By Shane Raynor
Episode 1: In this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, we discuss tattoos and spirituality and we consider the question, "Should a Christian get a tattoo?"  Guests are Kim… read more

A Saint Goes Marching In

By Ronnie McBrayer
Years ago my oldest son asked me a question: “What is a saint?” When you’re driving along with a numb mind at day’s end, as I was, that’s not the… read more

Butler's Winning Values

By Jessica Miller Kelley
If you follow college basketball, you know that tonight is the final game of the NCAA tournament. Louisville v. Michigan for the whole enchilada. Usually, I am following the games … read more
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