Ben and Me

By Ed Trimmer
The baby’s cry came through the monitor and my wife nudged me. I glanced at the clock. It was after 4:30 a.m. so it was my time to go get the baby. I swung my legs over the… read more

Review: Attract Families to Your Church and Keep Them Coming Back

By Stephanie Dunn
As someone who is currently in their fifth year serving the local church as a Minister to Children and Families, it seems like the only thing that I can say with complete… read more

Let the Children Come to Me…Unless They’re Too Loud, Distracting, or Difficult

By Tom Fuerst
A few weeks ago I saw a number of articles linked through Facebook regarding the question of whether or not high-end restaurants should be allowed to prohibit children from eating … read more

You Choose Your Child's Religion

By Nurya Love Parish
KJ Dell’Antonia of the New York Times Motherlode blog has a post: ”Children, Choosing Their Religion.” Here are a few salient quotes: "There’s nothing… read more

Rhyming Lord's Prayer for Kids

By Jessica Miller Kelley
God so holy, full of grace,make the world a better place.Give us the food we need for today.Forgive us our wrongs when we go astray.Help us always to do good,and love others, like … read more

Being Intentional About Including Children in Worship

By Tricia Brown
It seems that most of my adult life I have heard complaints about the number of young adults who leave the church after high school. I have read the statistics and taken part in… read more
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