Children's church

Developing the Spirit of a Child in a Montessori Way

By Debi Miller
One hundred seven years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori instituted the Montessori Method, a revolutionary teaching method completely based on the development of a child. Though this… read more

Ten Tips for Introducing Your Child to Worship

By Ministry Matters
1. Attend a child-friendly church. A church that invites children to attend worship, that has a children’s time during worship or a service in which children are included… read more

Helping Harried Parents in the Pews

By Tricia Brown
There is a particular Sunday that I wish I could forget. My husband was living and working out of town during the week. He came home on Friday night and left on Sunday afternoon… read more

Should There Be Competition in Sunday School?

By Ronnie McBrayer
My wife attended Lutheran Catechism. My neighbor went to an Adventist Sabbath class. My college friend was enrolled in a Yeshiva. And I attended Sunday School. I suppose these are … read more

Children's Sermon for Your First Sunday

By Sarah McGiverin
As you prepare for your first Sunday in a new congregation, you may already have started planning your first sermon, or thinking about what hymns to sing.  But what will be… read more

The Gospel in Disney

By David Brian Smith and Meg Calvin
During the month of June each year, we celebrate "Children's Month" with a kid-themed, kid-friendly sermon series. This past year, our theme was "The Gospel in Disney." There were … read more
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