Christian education

Developing the Spirit of a Child in a Montessori Way

By Debi Miller
One hundred seven years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori instituted the Montessori Method, a revolutionary teaching method completely based on the development of a child. Though this… read more

You Choose Your Child's Religion

By Nurya Love Parish
KJ Dell’Antonia of the New York Times Motherlode blog has a post: ”Children, Choosing Their Religion.” Here are a few salient quotes: "There’s nothing… read more

Christian Formation Isn't My Job

By Nurya Love Parish
The title of this post is factually untrue. I am employed by a church. My position description includes oversight of all the church’s programs of formation for infants… read more

Jerome Berryman and Godly Play

By Dirk deVries
Godly Play is what Jerome Berryman calls his interpretation of Montessori religious education. It is an imaginative approach to working with children, an approach that supports… read more

Apprentice Teachers

By Janet Robertson
Apprentice teachers are inexperienced, untrained volunteers who learn how to teach by helping an experienced teacher for a specific time period. Some begin in Vacation Bible… read more

Recruiting and Keeping Teachers

By Ruth E. Wilhite
Recruiting is the most common word for inviting people to teach. Keeping teachers is more than holding on to them. Find ideas here for inviting, nurturing, and offering training… read more
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