Clergy self-care

The Quiet Pastor: Affirming Different Personalities in Ministry

By Billy Doidge Kilgore
Pastors come in different shapes and sizes. Each one brings a unique ministry that is expressed through his or her personality. Pastors' personalities allow them to excel in some… read more

5 Critical Mistakes for Ministers

By Ministry Matters
1. Doing Everything Yourself You have to learn to delegate and give up the unrealistic expectation of perfection. You will only burn yourself out and rob others of the… read more

12 Steps of Christmas Recovery

By Jessica Miller Kelley, Betsy Hall
The Advent season is probably the single most stressful time of the year for church leaders. In addition to the overscheduling, the overspending, the forced merriment, the… read more

For Overachievers Everywhere

By Ronnie McBrayer
Scientists have a name for it: Ergomania. It is a word composed of two Latin roots. “Ergo,” meaning work, and “mania,” which means passion. Ergomania… read more

What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas

By Ministry Matters
Over the next few weeks, congregations will be taking up love offerings and gifting their pastors with nativity-scene Christmas ornaments, baked goods, and framed pictures of the… read more

Four Leadership Lessons from Moses

By Emanuel Cleaver III
One of the most fundamental elements of any successful organization is leadership. However, it is also one the most misunderstood qualities as it relates to congregational… read more
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