Preaching Controversial Issues

By Adam Hamilton
When preaching on controversial issues, preachers must decide whether the aim is to influence their hearers, or simply to irritate them. The latter is easy, requires no skill, and … read more

7 “R’s” of Healthy Team Member Correction

By Ron Edmondson
The way a leader handles correction of someone on the team is important if the desire is to keep quality people on the team. All of us occasionally need someone to help us become… read more

Bullies in the Church

By Todd Outcalt
Because my wife is a middle-school principal, I often hear stories about the school bullies. In fact, bullying has become a major point of conversation in the past decade, and… read more

Spotting Control Freaks

By Dyton L. Owen
I recently wrote an article on “10 Things that Kill Ministry.”  One of the things I listed as a “killer” was control freaks—those who try to… read more

Submitting to Be More Vile, or How I Decided to Say Tacky Things from the Pulpit

By Brian Erickson
Preaching Controversial Series Of all John Wesley’s memorable lines, my favorite is from his April 2, 1739 journal entry, about having preached for the first time outside… read more

When "Some People" Complain

By Matthew L. Kelley
Pastor Smith is winding down after a long day of ministry. Her first six months in her new church have had their challenges, but overall she feels like she’s being accepted… read more
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