Current events

Jahar Could Be Your Kid

By Shane Raynor
I turned on a couple of the cable news channels recently and the outrage du jour was over Rolling Stone’s decision to run a cover story featuring Boston bombing suspect… read more

Trayvon, Zimmerman, and Pastor Pundits

By Shane Raynor
I was watching Saturday night as the verdict was delivered in the George Zimmerman trial, and it wasn’t long before my Facebook news feed was blowing up, mostly with posts… read more

A Little History, Please

By Christopher P. Momany
It has been almost ten years since I tried an experiment among the students in my Christian Social Ethics class. I wrote two dates on the board: 9/11 and 11/9. Then I asked the… read more

Government Surveillance

By Alex Joyner
The Shadow Side of Surveillance Last spring we marveled at the reach of our surveillance system. In the wake of the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15, law… read more

Minor Prophets

By Todd Outcalt
Recently, in an issue of Poetry magazine (April 2013), poet Mark Halliday expressed his major respect for the minor placement offered to poet Kenneth Fearing among the pantheon of … read more

Is Pope Francis a Universalist?

By Shane Raynor
Did Pope Francis really say that everyone is saved? Or are some of us reading too much into last week's homily? Related Links: Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are… read more
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