Does That Muslim Have to Go to Hell So I Don’t?

By Robert A. Ratcliff
“I guess I’m not a Christian anymore,” he said, “since I can’t believe that people who aren’t Christian are going to hell.” My young… read more

Comparing Bell and Chan on Hell

By Patricia Farris
“Hell reappeared,” wrote Martin Marty in his August email column “Sightings.” Marty was referring back to his own 1988 piece in the Harvard Theological… read more

Erasing Hell and More

By Francis Chan
It seems like everyone is talking about hell this year, and Francis Chan weighed in on the subject with a new book, Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity and the Things We… read more

Learning to Love God’s Judgment

By Morgan Guyton
Many have misinterpreted this year’s battle between Rob Bell and the neo-Reformed bloggers who have dogged him for the claims that Bell makes in his book Love Wins… read more

Rob Bell, the SBC, and the Age of Accountability

By Rachel Held Evans
As you may have heard, last week the Southern Baptist Convention responded to pastor Rob Bell’s controversial book, Love Wins, with a resolution declaring that “the… read more

Love Wins, But What About Hell?

By Randy Horick
Rob Bell’s book about hell has drawn a lot of heat in the last couple months. Bell, pastor of the three-thousand-member Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, is a… read more
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