The Arrogant Jesus I Follow

By Clay Morgan
One of my students I’ve known better than most attended four classes of mine at two different colleges on the way to his degree. He’s crazy smart and always challenges … read more

About The Way: Q&A with Adam Hamilton

By Ministry Matters
How does The Way relate to other recent books of yours? Over the years I’ve been to the Holy Land numerous times. The Holy Land is often called “the fifth… read more

The Way

By Adam Hamilton
Travel with Adam Hamilton as he retraces the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Using historical information, archaeological data, and stories of the faith, Hamilton follows in… read more

Sermon Series: The Radical Sayings of Jesus

By Jacob Williams
Preached at First United Methodist Church of Valparaiso, Ind., by Jacob Williams   This eight-part series takes a closer look at some of Jesus’ most startling… read more

Jesus Loves the Little People

By Phillip Brandt
A Lectionary Sermon Series for Fall 2013 Series C, in the months of October and November, focuses the hearer’s attention upon the ministry of Christ recorded in Luke 17… read more

Worship Connection: Transfiguration Sunday Yr. C

By Nancy C. Townley
COLOR: WhiteSCRIPTURE READINGS: Exodus 34:29-35; Psalm 99; 2 Corinthians 3:12–4:2; Luke 9:28-36 CALLS TO WORSHIP Call to Worship #1 L: Lord, you have… read more
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