Changing Lives with Skateboards

By Ministry Matters
Jacob Henley and Will Anderson of Nashville started a company with a unique vision—to mentor urban young men by employing them to help make beautiful, high-quality… read more

Starting a Ministry

By Kimberly MacNeill
One of the exciting moments in the church is when you see a member of the congregation move from spectator to participant. Where they once only attended on the weekend and… read more

Three Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Associate Pastor

By Alan Rudnick
Associate pastors, youth ministers, and other staff ministers often do the unglamorous jobs of ministry without much recognition. Associates have a calling and a title, but they… read more

Why the Church May Be the Best Hope for Our Boys

By Tim Wright
These are tough days to be a boy: 70% of all D’s and F’s are given to boys 85% of stimulant-addressing drugs prescribed throughout the world are prescribed to U.S. … read more

A Higher Standard for Membership

By Carolyn Slaughter
In the spring of 1979, my husband Michael and I landed in a small church beside a county road in Ginghamsburg, Ohio. Coming from a “country club” church on the east… read more

A Call to Ministry is a Call to Public Life

By Teddy Ray
I’m told that pastors in a past generation were advised not to share anything personal. “Tell stories – but not about your own life.” I’ve even … read more
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