Pastoral care

The 80:20 Ratio: The Secret to Appreciating Your Marriage

By Emerson Eggerichs
But those who marry will have trouble in this life. (I Cor. 7:28 NCV) In the book of Corinthians, Paul warns us of the responsibilities, involvements, and, yes, the troubles that … read more

Girls Needing God

By Lynn Cowell
You see it in her eyes. That emptiness. That need for attention, affirmation and approval. Maybe you’re like me and it scares you. As those who invest in the lives of teens, … read more

The Honesty of Single Encounters

By Buzz Stevens
Robert Trivers suggests in his book The Folly of Fools that deceit is a ‘deep feature’ of life, a condition that is quite possibly exacerbated by our brutal genes… read more

Post-College Blues: Reflections on Young Adult Transitions

By Mighty Rasing
Kuh, a friend and classmate from college, set down her half-empty coffee cup on the table between us. I looked at her and said, “If I had only known what I know now when I… read more

The Vacant Lot: Crisis and Story

By Quincy Brown
It all began with walking aimlessly around a vacant lot. Each day, I would shuffle through dirt, kick an occasional aluminum can, and side step mud puddles that transformed the… read more

Midlife Crisis: Growing to Maturity

By David Ashburner
When the term midlife crisis comes up, it is often the punch line to a joke or a tired cliché, often with the speaker rolling his or her eyes: “Oh, he’s just… read more
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