Talking Politics in Church: What's Legal?

By Joey Butler
Dos and Don'ts in an election season Churches and religious organizations in the United States qualify for exemption from federal income tax, and are generally eligible to… read more

Disciples in an Election Season

By Ben Gosden
I guess I can’t really help it, but every four years I follow political races like they’re sporting events. Now you must know that my interest comes from the fact that … read more

In Pursuit of Civility

By Martin Thielen
In January of 2009, several prominent and concerned people, both Republicans and Democrats, launched "The Civility Project." They asked all 100 US Senators, all 435 House of… read more

There Don’t Have to be More Auroras

By Robert A. Ratcliff
The recent horrific shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater so fills us with anger and revulsion that our attempts to describe, much less understand, the event seem destined … read more

When Is It O.K. to Pray in Public?

By Robert A. Ratcliff
If someone asked you to lead in prayer at a public school assembly, what would you do? What if it were before a public high school football game? That’s easy, you say; if… read more

Anti-Gay Viral Videos and the Limits of Religious Free Speech

By Christian Piatt
Words have gravity, and in certain contexts, the words we choose and employ have more weight than in others. I’m definitely sensitive to that when I see the traffic numbers… read more
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