When Is It O.K. to Pray in Public?

By Robert A. Ratcliff
If someone asked you to lead in prayer at a public school assembly, what would you do? What if it were before a public high school football game? That’s easy, you say; if… read more

Anti-Gay Viral Videos and the Limits of Religious Free Speech

By Christian Piatt
Words have gravity, and in certain contexts, the words we choose and employ have more weight than in others. I’m definitely sensitive to that when I see the traffic numbers… read more

Escaping the Ideological Bubble

By Charles E. Gutenson
American culture has been growing more and more polarized in its politics over the last few decades. Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Coffee and Tea. One cause of this… read more

Unlikely Convert

By Nathan Hollifield
The Spiritual Awakening of a Former GOP Operative “You're wrong about Karl Rove." So began my first conversation with an outspoken United Methodist pastor who eventually… read more

The Bible on Taxes

By Warren Carter
The biblical traditions constantly engage and reflect the structures and daily realities of aristocratic-controlled empires. Empires employ a proprietary theory whereby ruling… read more

The Fall of the American Dream

By Frank A. Thomas
The term “American Dream” is only eighty years old.  In the grim and turbulent atmosphere of the Great Depression in 1931, historian James Trunslow Adams… read more
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