Bridging the Ideal and Reality of Sermon Preparation

By Michael C. Voigts
When asked about the general method of preaching, John Wesley replied, “To invite, to convince, to offer Christ, to build up; and to do this in some measure in every… read more

Can You Preach on Something You Haven't Mastered?

By Ron Edmondson
I often get emails from pastors wondering, Can I, as a pastor, preach about a subject that I know I’m struggling with or an area I know that I’m weak in? You may have … read more

Lousy Sermons

By Allan R. Bevere
I will confess fully—I have indeed preached lousy sermons. It's not that I have failed to prepare, nor that I have not offered my work to the Lord in prayer. But sometimes… read more

How Not to Speak for God

By Shane Raynor
Whether you’re a pastor, a teacher, or a "regular" Christian, God probably uses you to speak for him from time to time. You may not even realize he’s doing it. Since… read more

Review: Preaching in Plenty and in Want

By Eric Van Meter
With Preaching in Plenty and in Want (Judson, 2011), author Matthew Tennant offers a simple suggestion: since economic realities dominate the daily lives of so many people… read more

Review: The Beauty of the Word

By Eric Van Meter
Those of us who sense the obligation to preach do so in full knowledge of our inability to preach. This thought, borrowed from imminent theologian Karl Barth, is both the problem … read more
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