The Preacher's Devotional Life

By Barbara Brown Taylor
The preacher is a living word about God’s Word before the preacher ever says a word. When the preacher speaks, every word reveals the preacher’s way of life. Devotion… read more

How Long Should You Preach?

By Shane Raynor
If you preach on a regular basis, you probably have guidelines for how long your sermons should be. You may not always have a choice in the matter—sometimes, especially when … read more

Altar Call: Yes or No?

By Adam Hamilton
I would like to offer a word of challenge to preachers on both sides of the theological spectrum regarding the “altar call.” Some of you come from a tradition that… read more

Review: The Six Deadly Sins of Preaching

By Eric Van Meter
Thirteen years after they teamed up for their first book, communications expert Robert Reid and preaching instructor Lucy Lind Hogan once again tackle the subject of preaching and … read more

Creative and Imaginative Preaching

By Thomas H. Troeger
An imaginative preacher can take a biblical text and create a sermon that sets the Word of God singing and dancing in our hearts, empowering us to live the gospel more… read more

Stick it in Your Ear!

By J. Neil Alexander
Someone once attributed to Martin Luther the delightful quip, “Christianity is a Word and someone has to stick it in your ear!” I’ve searched a fair cross… read more
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