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What Bing thinks about Methodists and Baptists

By Dean Snyder
One of my favorite blogs is Remy's World written by Mark Remy at the Runners' World website. Last August, Mark Remy posted a blog about Google. One of his favorite things about… read more

Partnerships Turn Churches Around

By Jessica Miller Kelley
There are a lot of ways to plant and grow new churches. Some say the multi-site model will become the standard for church growth, with numerous congregations sharing the vision… read more

Slavery and Denominational Schism

By Bill J. Leonard
"Had the holding of slaves been a moral evil, it cannot be supposed, that the inspired Apostles, who feared not the faces of men, and were ready to lay down their lives in the… read more

5 Keys to Denominational Survival

By Shane Raynor
USA Today reported last week on the decline of the Southern Baptist denomination. Last year, Southern Baptist churches baptized around 5% fewer people than in the preceding year… read more

Rob Bell, the SBC, and the Age of Accountability

By Rachel Held Evans
As you may have heard, last week the Southern Baptist Convention responded to pastor Rob Bell’s controversial book, Love Wins, with a resolution declaring that “the… read more

SBC a “One Issue Voter” on the New NIV

By Jessica Miller Kelley
In their annual meeting this week in Phoenix, the Southern Baptist Convention voted “not to commend” (and thus, not to sell in Lifeway bookstores) the new NIV Bible… read more