Spiritual formation

Daily Spiritual Practice

By Jim Hawkins
Nurturing One Another Whenever someone is baptized, the congregation is asked, “Will you nurture one another in the Christian faith and life and include these persons now… read more

You Are What You Eat

By Ronnie McBrayer
In 2002, two young girls and their parents filed a federal class-action law suit against the McDonalds Corporation. It was the claim of the plaintiffs that eating a consistent… read more

Naming Our Idols

By Mike Slaughter
Chances are when you hear the word idol, the first thing that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest, or possibly a shiny gold statue of a calf. Idolatry isn’t a new problem, but it … read more

Tending Our Spiritual Gardens

By Andrea Murdock
Spring is in the air! Finally, after what felt like an extended winter in much of the country, temperatures are warming up, ground is thawing, and trees are budding. This means… read more


By Jonathan Martin
"Jonathan presents riveting truth about our identity in Christ in a way that honestly grapples with the intrinsic tensions and mind-boggling implications of the gospel. And he… read more

Congregations as Families of Faith: Beyond Age-Level Ministries

By Deech Kirk
According to national studies like Fuller Youth Institute’s “Sticky Faith” (www.stickyfaith.org) and the National Study of Youth and Religion… read more
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