Learning Spaces and Fostering Faith

By Margaret Ann Crain
When people of any age gather to consider their Christian faith, a key ingredient is WHERE? What is the quality of the space in which they gather? How does the space affect… read more

Children's Teachers Using Adopt-a-Class

By Delia Halverson
Balancing the need to teach with the need to learn is never easy. The Adopt-a-Class Program is a creative way to balance those needs and to provide Sunday school staff at the same … read more

Praying the Scriptures

By Michael Williams
Praying the scriptures is one of the oldest spiritual practices of the followers of Jesus. Yet few of us has been taught this practice which can enrich our teaching and preaching, … read more

Called to Teach

By Alex Joyner
Teaching in the Desert In the early days of the Christian church, as recorded in the Book of Acts, an angel told Philip, one of Jesus’ disciples, to go along the desert… read more

How Learning Styles Affect Children's Learning

By Cheryl Magrini
A Sunday school teacher begins a new unit on Creation. Some children in the class are regulars and the teacher knows well what type of activity engages and excites each of these… read more

Teaching for Commitment

By Transformation Information
As past of the plan for creation, we enter the world as infants. It is God's intention that we grow and mature throughout our lifetime. Our faith development might be compared to … read more
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