Commitment: You and Others

By Transformation Information
You may want to read the first two articles in this series: Teaching for Commitment, Nurturing for Commitment. Share Your Own Faith Choose a friend with whom you can talk about… read more

How Sunday School Created a Theologically Illiterate Society

By Teddy Ray
One of the places where America began to become theologically illiterate was an odd one: Sunday school. I believe the introduction of Sunday schools truly has caused the… read more

Nurturing for Commitment

By Transformation Information
You may want to read the first article in this series Teaching for Commitment Worship Worship is a setting for both nurture and commitment. Worship is one of the primary ways we … read more

Faith and Fiction

By Patricia Bates
Real faith is stranger than fiction. So, maybe, that’s why Christian novels—from history to mystery—are leading so many of us now to biblical truths. While… read more

Fill-in Teacher Now Can't Be Dragged Away

By Boyce Bowdon
The junior high Sunday school teacher was going to be away, so the youth director asked John if he would fill in the next Sunday. "Sure, no problem," John replied. "I'll be glad… read more

What Is Discipleship?

By David Dorn
What does it mean to follow Christ, to be a disciple of Jesus? Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me, which is what we consider the basis of discipleship, but what does… read more
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