Topical preaching

Old Testament Inspiration for People in Crisis

By Jessica Miller Kelley
If a friend came to you with terrible news—he had cancer, or her house had just burned down—what biblical comfort and encouragement might you offer? Paul’s… read more

Minor Prophets

By Todd Outcalt
Recently, in an issue of Poetry magazine (April 2013), poet Mark Halliday expressed his major respect for the minor placement offered to poet Kenneth Fearing among the pantheon of … read more

Submitting to Be More Vile, or How I Decided to Say Tacky Things from the Pulpit

By Brian Erickson
Preaching Controversial Series Of all John Wesley’s memorable lines, my favorite is from his April 2, 1739 journal entry, about having preached for the first time outside… read more

Preaching on Sin

By Jessica Miller Kelley
One Sunday in high school, my best friend took me to her Fundamental Baptist church. All I knew before going was that the denomination was more conservative than the SBC and that… read more

Beautiful Things

By Gungor
"Beautiful Things," by Gungor, is the most hauntingly beautiful and moving worship song we've heard in ages. It would be a perfect addition to any worship service focusing on… read more

Review: Preaching in Plenty and in Want

By Eric Van Meter
With Preaching in Plenty and in Want (Judson, 2011), author Matthew Tennant offers a simple suggestion: since economic realities dominate the daily lives of so many people… read more
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