Web ministry

Social Media and Perceived Intimacy

By John Voelz
In 1963, anthropologist Edward T. Hall coined the concept of proxemics. The concept says (my paraphrase); What we intend to communicate and how messages are received are affected… read more

What Bing thinks about Methodists and Baptists

By Dean Snyder
One of my favorite blogs is Remy's World written by Mark Remy at the Runners' World website. Last August, Mark Remy posted a blog about Google. One of his favorite things about… read more

John Q's Web Reviews

By John Q. Visitor
Like many folks considering trying out a new church, Ministry Matters' "secret church shopper," John Q. Visitor, often takes to the web to find service times, directions, and… read more

10 Website Best Practices

By Terrell Sanders
1. Everything links to the web for details.One of the easiest ways to save money is to use your website as the place for all details. This lets you reduce the size of your… read more

Two Essentials for More Effective Announcements

By Jessica Miller Kelley
It’s great when an event announcement leaves people wanting more. But it’s not so great when the “more” they are wanting is basic information like when and … read more

Members in Digital Ministry

By Keith Anderson
Member participation is absolutely crucial for effective digital ministry, and yet there is very little guidance out there for people in our congregations. Most of the advice… read more
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