1. Our Over-Messaged Lives

    Video Our Over-Messaged Lives

    Do you sometimes feel like you live an over-messaged life? Texting, emailing, web-surfing, television watching…how do we find the space and time for God? What's available …

  2. The Bible Made Impossible

    Video The Bible Made Impossible

    Video Source: Brazos Press/Baker Publishing Group

  3. Church 2092

    Video Church 2092

    What will The United Methodist Church look like in 80 years? Will it survive? If so, how will we transform our congregations to ensure they make it to 2092? Download the…

  4. Using the Internet for Ministry

    Video Using the Internet for Ministry

    WATCH MORE FROM PETE: How I Prepare My Weekly Message Pastor, You NEED Close Friends Transforming People With the time he saves using Ministry Matters…

  5. Creating New Memories

    Video Creating New Memories

    Remember your first memory of church? Some say those who live in the United States are losing their memory of church. If so, how do we plant new memories? Think strategically…

  6. The Crucifixion

    Video The Crucifixion

    Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas shares his thoughts on the Crucifixion. Adam is the author of 24 Hours That…

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