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  1. Refresh the Offering: Ten Tips

    Articles Refresh the Offering: Ten Tips

    1. Go Back to Basics. What is an offering? It is a response to the word of God, made in cash or check. That may sound disrespectful to both God and cash but cash is not much…

  2. Worshipful Giving

    Articles Worshipful Giving

    Mark 12:38-44 Jesus’ teaching refocuses our attention to what should be important in life. Too often we allow the riches and treasures of this world to consume our thoughts …

  3. From Stewardship to Generosity

    Articles From Stewardship to Generosity

    A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a training seminar at a large United Methodist church. My host was on staff at the church, and he described how he had recently …

  4. 10 Suggestions for Effective Stewardship Preaching

    Articles 10 Suggestions for Effective Stewardship Preaching

    I enjoy preaching about money. My goal in preaching about stewardship is to never be confrontational, but always invitational. I try to help all believers (including myself) to…

  5. Preaching on Money

    Articles Preaching on Money

    For most pastors, fund-raising is the least rewarding part of our work. And like many of you, I would rather preach on almost anything other than finances and stewardship. But I…

  6. The Spirituality of Giving

    Articles The Spirituality of Giving

    In a rural county, a handful of residents offered $45,000 in donations to build fire stations for small towns in their area so that homes and businesses would have access to fire…