Featured Bins

  1. bin Lent: A Yearly Reminder of the Daily Call to Come Home

    A series of 7 guided meditations (Imagine), prayers (Pray), and questions for discussion (Reflect) in written and audio form. Use these to create Lent Displays for teaching or…

  2. bin Living Stone

    The main LivingStone content is available here www.MinistryMatters.com/LivingStone links below go to Ministry Matters Premium Subscription content.

  3. bin fruit of the Spirit

    This bin includes: a Sermon Series, two print resources, and research from the Ministry Matters Premium Subscription content.

  4. bin Good Friday 2014

    Sermon Starters, articles and worship elements. Isaiah 52:13–53:12; Psalm 22; Hebrews 10:16-25; John 18:1–19:42. Holy Saturday | Easter

  5. bin Holy Saturday 2014

    ...[we] continue in prayer, waiting at the Lord's tomb...Good Friday and Holy Saturday are traditional days of fasting. See also Easter