Is The United Methodist Church's mission statement really Methodist?

By Christian Alsted
This article is an excerpt from Alsted's essay “Evangelism and Prevenient Grace in the 21st Century.” The essay appears in the journal Nordic Perspectives on… read more

A unique and contextual identity

By Meeli Tankler
This article is based on Tankler's DMin thesis from Asbury Theological Seminary, the research for which also appeared in the journal Nordic Perspectives on Methodism. The… read more

Politics, sin and the church's response

By David Person
Not even governors of states are exempt from the scrutiny of the church. That’s what Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley learned last week. Bentley, who is embroiled in what may be… read more

5 ways to overcome discouragement

By Todd Outcalt
Among the many challenges that pastors face, discouragement may be the most pervasive.  While financial stresses, widening workload and an ever-changing array of needs… read more

Missed opportunity

By Joseph Yoo
I found a new favorite “office” in Santa Barbara called Rebar Coffee. It’s near the ocean so you get the ocean smell. It’s at the edge of downtown, so… read more

Obama at last prayer breakfast: 'We heal hatred with love'

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
WASHINGTON (RNS) President Obama hosted his last Easter Prayer Breakfast with Christian leaders, pausing to reflect on what he called a “bittersweet” occasion… read more

7 things I love about serving in an established church

By Ron Edmondson
I recently posted about the things I miss from church planting serving in an established church. Church planting can be daunting, but the rewards from seeing people far from God… read more

Guaranteed appointment debate to resume at GC2016

By Sam Hodges / United Methodist News Service
Ending guaranteed appointment for ordained elders in The United Methodist Church was, like restructuring of the denomination’s agencies, a high-profile effort that passed at … read more

Revisiting human sexuality

By Steve Harper
It is incumbent on delegates to discuss any issue with the best and most up-to-date information available. This is particularly true with respect to human sexuality. A lot has… read more

If you want to create great things, stop punishing failure

By Len Wilson
How do you react when someone messes up? Say you work with or lead others in a group setting. Or this could apply to your family member, too. How you react could make all the… read more

Boy Scouts, Unitarian Universalists renew agreement

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) The Boy Scouts of America and the Unitarian Universalist Association signed a new agreement Thursday (March 24) after the two organizations had previously been divided over… read more

How to kill clutter and improve communication with 3x3 cards

By Len Wilson
Print collateral is the marketing term given to the related media used to support a promotional campaign. The problem was that when I walked around my church, Peachtree, I saw… read more
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