4 ways to jerk-proof your church

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Recently, I wrote about why clergy get kicked out of church. There are all kinds of reasons. Lack of emotional intelligence ranks at the top. But as some of you reminded me, some… read more

7 ways to respond to a church bully

By Ron Edmondson
After I finished talking to a group of pastors recently, a pastor approached me and asked a question. He asked, “What do you do when there is one person who is always trying … read more

Life's twisted path

By Ed Zinkiewicz
Confusion. Anxiety. Excitement. Annoyance. Grief. Doubt. Unease. Vexation. Joy. Hesitancy. Fear. Longing. Pain. Anger. Grief. Hopefulness. These are the gooey things of life, the… read more

How do we dare?

By Vance P. Ross
How Do They Dare? Purple Black Divinity,Brown Devoid of EnmityPecan Tan and Shining WhiteGlistening Yellow, Gold DelightOlive Glimmer and Shimmering Red,Love Alive, No Color… read more

Our shameful denial of women pastors

By David Person
As a Christian, I am embarrassed that many among us still think that women can’t be spiritual leaders for men. This is an issue that should have stopped being an issue at… read more

Saving the UMC?

By Trevor Warren
I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of a Methodist nerd. I was that one kid in youth group who was always bothering the youth director with questions about Methodism… read more

The awkward lives of clergy husbands

By Kira Schlesinger
This past March, Crossway introduced Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Month, a campaign designed to “encourage and honor pastors’ wives.” There is no doubt… read more

Misunderstanding purpose

By Courtney T Ball
Why did you get out of bed this morning? My guess is your answer involves more than, “I got bored with lying there,” or, “I had to go to the bathroom.”… read more

What might tomorrow’s faith community look like?

By Tom Ehrich / Religion News Service
(RNS) Enough about churches that are dying. Let’s imagine something that lives, breathes, serves, makes a difference. Would we even call it “church”? The term… read more

Singing the Trinity: A new approach to Trinity Sunday

By Cameron Merrill
The harried pace of the church year rips us from Advent through Easter, barely pausing long enough for us to catch our breath before Pentecost brings a new wind in the … read more

The millennial obsession

By David F. Watson
How do we get more millennials into church? In the ecclesial world I live in, this seems to be the question of the day, and there is no shortage of answers. I’m not a… read more

7 habits of a successful leader

By Ron Edmondson
I’m a student of leadership. I am consistently talking to, interviewing and learning from leaders I believe have been successful, regardless of their vocational field. If… read more
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