The church and millennials

By Timothy Siburg
Recently I had the chance to participate in an open-space conversation on the purpose and practices of lay theological education. As part of this discussion, there emerged a… read more

Pastor's office hours: Time to cut back?

By Joseph Yoo
In a recent sermon, Pastor Andy Stanley stated that every church has a gravitational pull to be a church that serves only its members — a pull to be a church for just… read more

Churches must provide a space where people are free to be themselves

By Tom Ehrich / Religion News Service
(RNS) Church leaders often worry that Sunday morning is the “most segregated day of the week.” On Sundays, churchgoers gather inside congregations that are remarkably… read more

Game Changers Summit

By Neelley Hicks
What is Game Changers Summit? An event being held in Nashville, September 3-5 focusing on how information and communications technologies (ICTs) can be used to improve lives and… read more

8 reasons a church plant may not grow

By Ron Edmondson
I’ve worked with a lot of church plants. And, I’ve been involved in two — as a planter. Every planter goes into the process hoping to see lives changed with the… read more

Mark Driscoll to step down while Mars Hill elders review charges

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey / Religion News Service
(RNS) Seattle megachurch founder Mark Driscoll will step down for at least six weeks while Mars Hill reviews formal charges lodged against him from previous pastors. Returning… read more

After Ferguson, churches must confess the sin of abandonment

By Carl W. Kenney / Religion News Service
(RNS) The ride to the church seemed too short to give me time to unleash all those tears. I had to preach. What would I say? How do you preach what you feel when you’re one… read more

Bishop Palmer speaks out about Ferguson crisis

By Gregory V. Palmer, Brian Milford
United Methodist Bishop Gregory Palmer and Brian Milford discuss the shooting of Michael Brown, the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and justice and race issues as they relate … read more

Are we really doing family ministries?

By Ed Trimmer
I overheard this conversation recently at a United Methodist church. Should we have a baby shower for the child of one of the active and long term members of the church, who was… read more

A decluttered faith

By Ray Waddle
There’s a long and passionate spiritual tradition of waiting for God, waiting for revival, waiting for a personal sign or the end of time—waiting for something… read more

5 keys to effective sermon preparation

By Chad Brooks
Welcome to sermon preparation month! In August I am focusing both episodes on sermon preparation. This is the topic I have been hearing about the most and I am want to share… read more

Interview with Bishop Ken Carter

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., Shane Raynor
Bishop Ken Carter and Shane Raynor discuss the United Methodist Church, schism, the "local option," General Conference 2016, and the need for a coherent social teaching. read more
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