Be careful what you wish for

By Joseph Yoo
There are many things a church — particularly a declining church — wants. But they rarely ever think through how things might change if they actually get what they… read more

Big picture ministry in a trivial world

By Todd Outcalt
Some years ago Richard Carlson wrote a series of best-selling books based on the title, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. The books dealt with our proclivity toward negativity… read more

Are you showing impact to your givers?

By Nathan Ealy
I was having a conversation with a friend recently about her family’s giving. For some background she and her husband are in their mid 30s, her husband does well in a… read more

Boy Scouts Christian alternative sees 'tremendous response' after transgender decision

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) Since the Boy Scouts of America decided to accept transgender youngsters, there appears to be a growing market for a different kind of scouting group. The BSA does not… read more

7 ways to help a new staff member succeed

By Ron Edmondson
I recently received the following message from a pastor friend: I have a new full-time associate pastor starting next week. What suggestions would you give for getting such a… read more

We Are the Small Group!

By Lewis A. Parks
I believe it was “Charlie-in-the-Box,” the misnamed Jack-in-the-box sentry on the Island of Misfit Toys who said disparagingly in the middle of a snow storm… read more

Are you secretly sabotaging your church?

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
Congratulations! Your church is on the move. Let’s say you are feeding the hungry. You are praying for and visiting the sick. You minister to those in prison, jail and the… read more

Can Small Groups Really Change the World?

By Lia McIntosh
Discipleship is a hot topic of conversation among the Christian church leaders that I support as a strategist and ministry coach. I get lots of questions along the lines of… read more

Why we can't stay out of politics

By Mark Lockard
Working as an editor for this site, I'm tasked with multiple responsibilities, including engaging with readers. I, with my colleagues, seek to publish interesting content that… read more

7 ways to deliver constructive criticism

By Ron Edmondson
There are times where someone needs to offer constructive criticism. In fact, the best leaders and the best organizations are made better by learning to receive, process and… read more

Curing Groupaphobia: Pretreating Fears in Small-Group Ministry

By Mike Schreiner, Ken Willard
Recently, I did an Internet search on fears. Most sites consisted of lists totaling more than nine thousand different types of fears—everything from ablutophobia, the fear… read more

Multiply Community Groups in Your Church

By Jim and Jennifer Cowart
G3 is short for Grab, Gather, and Grow. These three verbs are steps to help mobilize your church for tremendous growth. This system will help you achieve not only healthy numeric… read more
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