MIA: White evangelical leaders and black deaths

By David Person
The killing of Walter Scott, the unarmed South Carolina black man shot in the back by police officer Michael Slager, is a provocative example of law enforcement gone wrong. Cell… read more

7 ways extroverts can better engage introverts

By Ron Edmondson
I write a lot about introversion, because I’m an introvert. Introversion is a personality preference based on the way a person has been shaped by experiences and life. In… read more

7 common elements of a healthy team

By Ron Edmondson
What fosters team spirit? What makes a healthy team? All of us want that. I would even say especially leaders. Most of us understand that progress towards a vision is more… read more

What if my congregation is a bad fit?

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
One Sunday morning a wife is all dressed and ready to go to church. She says to her husband, “Honey, why aren’t you ready for church?” “I’m not… read more

Publishing house relocation means dealing with rare books

By Sam Hodges / United Methodist News Service
NASHVILLE (UMNS) The Rev. Brian Milford has been donning protective gloves lately, not something he expected to be doing as chief content officer for the United Methodist… read more

Nobody likes change

By Joseph Yoo
Nobody likes change. When people claim that they love change, what they really mean is they love to be the implementers of change. Nobody likes change sprung upon them. When… read more

3 results of controlling leadership

By Ron Edmondson
One of my pet peeves in leadership is the controlling leader. Because of that, I have written extensively on the subject on my blog. Controlling leaders are in every type of… read more

Gardner C. Taylor, dean of black preachers, dies at 96

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service, B. Denise Hawkins
(RNS) The Rev. Gardner C. Taylor, widely considered the dean of the nation’s black preachers and “the poet laureate of American Protestantism,” died Sunday… read more

Americans split on businesses turning away gay weddings

By Lauren Markoe / Religion News Service
(RNS) A host of governors, CEOs and church leaders call Indiana’s new religious freedom law a backdoor opening to anti-gay discrimination, but Americans appear more divided… read more

Crystal Cathedral founder Robert Schuller dies at 88

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service, Lisa Singh
(RNS) Televangelist Robert H. Schuller, who attempted to integrate the teachings of John Calvin with the positive thinking of Norman Vincent Peale, and lost his famed Crystal… read more

Give up on giving up

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
In this last installment on what to give up for Lent, beyond doughnuts and lattes, to things that make a real difference, I have to end this way: Give up giving up! It’s… read more

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: ‘Not going to change’ religious freedom law

By Richard Wolf / USA Today
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended his state’s new religious freedom law Sunday (March 29) while refusing to say if it would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians… read more
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