Leader, strategically keep thy mouth shut

By Ron Edmondson
Leadership is influence, so the words a leader says are powerful. Therefore, leaders must choose their words carefully. One piece of advice I give leaders frequently is not to… read more

Be fruitful and multiply like Jesus

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
In my last post, I introduced five quantum leaps of faith that Jesus invites each one of us to take. Each of these leaps of faith is grounded in the Bible and exemplified by Jesus … read more

Churches in small towns

By Alex Joyner
The singer at Saxis Saxis United Methodist Church is a small, unassuming church at the end of a long, lonely road. Before it arrives at the church, the road crosses through… read more

Making visitors feel welcome: 12 church website tips

By Christy Thomas
In my past role as “mystery worshipper” for a newspaper column, I am offering a few pointers for an effective church website. The number one issue: Never, ever change… read more

Unity, Centrism, and the Incarnation

By David N. Field
This article is the second in a series by the author entitled "Why I am Committed to the Unity of the United Methodist Church." Read Part One here. People committed to a renewed… read more

7 secrets to being a high achiever

By Ron Edmondson
I get asked frequently how I am able to get so much done and still take care of myself and my family. I pastor a large church. I maintain a separate nonprofit ministry where I… read more

Quantum leaps of faith for the new year

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
A new year brings fresh opportunities for spiritual growth. I want to start this year by offering you five quantum leaps of faith for 2018. Each one of these inspiring leaps will… read more

Can Santa save the United Methodist Church?

By Chappell Temple
It was an unexpected encounter when we arrived at the church. For though I knew all the legends about the famous bishop of Myra — how others marveled at his generosity and… read more

Top Ten "Mud 'n Spit" Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

By Kim Miller
There’s nothing quite like a fresh environment to signal a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing through your church building walls. I love integrating creative and trendy design … read more

Breakthrough Prayer and Finances

By Sue Nilson Kibbey
Are you familiar with a “Breakthrough Prayer Initiative”? It’s a simple additive component to your church’s prayer life across all ages, ministries… read more

Eight Essential Practices for Eliminating Fear of the Vile Practices

By Nate Berneking
Prayer: Whether you believe in divine intervention or not, clergy and churches who pray for it usually exhibit greater generosity and good administration. Personal Accountability… read more

Love Local, and Partner Up

By Rosario Picardo
If you can dream it up, you can team it up. — Richie Norton Hundreds of people in our towns and cities are already doing God’s Kingdom work daily! As… read more
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