Economical with the truth

By Laurie Haller
A week ago, during Donald Trump’s press conference after his primary victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, he said these words, “Politicians are serious… read more

10 tips for your church's online presence

By Donna Schaper
Know who you are trying to reach. You are probably trying to reach two interacting audiences. The first is those already there. They want to know what time the concert is or who… read more

10 suggestions for Christian bloggers

By David F. Watson
I started blogging years ago, early in my career. Over that time, I’ve thought a lot about public discourse, particularly among Christians — what it looks like at its… read more

Why I prefer hearing 'No' from a leader over 'I don't know'

By Ron Edmondson
I’d almost always rather hear “No” than to hear “I don’t know.” Don’t misunderstand. I love when a leader admits they don’t know… read more


By Steve Harper
The atmosphere of schism (even when the word is not used) never completely goes away in these days leading up to General Conference. It most often appears with respect to human… read more

The U.S.: One nation not quite under God

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
(RNS) Politicians often cite American “exceptionalism” and the country's high level of religiosity when boasting about one nation under God. But this country… read more


By Francis Asbury
A proud person makes his or her will the rule of actions and would have it be the rule of other people’s too. And other people being proud would have their wills be the rule … read more

Embracing the awkwardness: A sample homily for Palm/Passion Sunday

By Greg Moore, Cameron Merrill
This sample homily is tied to the liturgy found here. Together, they form a complete Palm/Passion Sunday worship experience.  The Passion of God A sermon given by The… read more

Embracing the awkwardness: Liturgy for Palm/Passion Sunday

By Greg Moore, Cameron Merrill
The liturgy below includes a sample homily, found here. Together, they form a complete Palm/Passion Sunday worship experience.  In one scene of the movie "Keeping the… read more

Thoughtful pastor: The final judgment and church demands

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: The Bible tells us that as Christians Jesus forgives us for our sins (our sins are erased), but then it also says we will answer for them when we get to… read more

Following other gods: Unity as a penultimate value

By Drew McIntyre
"You shall have no other gods before unity." — Exodus 20:3 (paraphrased) Dr. Steve Harper argued recently that the basic issue in the United Methodist Church is whether … read more

How to deal with church discipline of felines

By Greg Gregory
In response to my previous diffusion of wisdom, "7 things cats do to sabotage church," Laodocean Luke writes: Aww man this is truth in its rarest form. Our church cat has… read more
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