3 steps to revolution

By Matt Rawle
How have your resolutions been going? Sometimes a resolution is hard to get started. Sometimes it starts with a great drive but it loses steam and falls apart. Maybe you’ve… read more

Police chief to black churches: ‘We can’t do this without you guys’

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) Bishop Talbert W. Swan II has worked with police departments in western Massachusetts for two decades, speaking to new cadets and riding in patrol cars with officers as… read more

Shelter the homeless. Then what?

By Logan Robertson
As arctic air blasts American cities from St. Paul, Minnesota to Nashville, Tennessee this week, churches across the nation have opened their doors to people unfortunate enough to … read more

Evangelism in the 21st century

By Kimberly Dunnam Reisman, Seedbed
What should evangelism look like in the 21st century? In this Seven Minute Seminary video from Seedbed, Dr. Kimberly Reisman explains that though evangelism is always contextual… read more

United Methodists settle complaint against bishop over same-sex wedding

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey / Religion News Service
(RNS) The United Methodist Church is dropping a complaint against a retired bishop who performed a 2013 same-sex wedding in Alabama, offering at least a brief respite within a… read more

The church, U2 and Taylor Swift

By Joseph Yoo
Back in September, U2 released its new album digitally to all iTunes Store customers at no cost. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. If you're Apple, why not… read more

7 words of guidance for young clergy

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
I write from the perspective of a pastor and a bishop. I have served in a mainline denomination for 32 years, and am now in a role that gives me a vista that is, in the language… read more

Bishop Job, who helped people deal with death, dead at 86

By Kathy L. Gilbert / United Methodist News Service
(UMNS) “I have no anxiety about my own death. … I don’t know what that’s going to be like, but I have some idea that it will be good because this life is… read more

The 14 most-read Ministry Matters articles of 2014

By Shane Raynor
Here we are at the end of another year. 2014 was a time of growth and transition for Ministry Matters. We picked up a number of new contributors, we expanded our content and we… read more

Faith and values in 2014: 10 telling numbers

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
(RNS) Scores of studies and surveys in 2014 revealed myriad, quirky ways we live out our faith and values. But the most intriguing findings were not always the headliners. Here… read more

Admitting you aren't the one

By Ron Edmondson
Leadership is not about having all the answers. One sign of a great leader — in my opinion — is to be bold enough to say, “I don’t have all the… read more

5 reasons leaders need to fast

By Jeff Anderson
If leaders today want to raise their effectiveness for the kingdom, we can’t ignore the power of food. Or more specifically, the power of fasting. (Yep, that’s when… read more
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