Are lawsuits ahead for church-based Boy Scout troops?

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) If the Boy Scouts of America approve gay adult leaders, as they are expected to do late Monday (July 27), does that mean troops based at churches may end up in court if they … read more

The difference between complaints and criticism

By Dave Barnhart
Married couples who have a higher frequency of complaints are more likely to stay married. That was one of the many findings of John Gottman’s research. As his team of… read more


By Carl L. Schenck
James 3:13-18; Mark 9:30-37 Ambition fuels human behavior. Many events in people’s lives are motivated by ambition. A shopkeeper strives to find new ways to display goods in … read more

In praise of small churches

By Kira Schlesinger
While I was in Divinity School and throughout my discernment process for ordination, my one prayer was, “Please God, do not let me end up a solo clergyperson in a small … read more

5 dangers of explosive growth

By Ron Edmondson
I have been blessed to witness what I consider extremely fast growth in several churches since entering full-time vocational ministry. In church planting and church revitalization … read more

When church members scold newcomers

By Joseph Yoo
One time I went to a friend’s church for a momentous occasion: She was going to be baptized! She had been attending a small, older United Methodist congregation. She chose… read more

Why churches are poor

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
At a recent clergy retreat I attended, we prayed a prayer that went something like this: “O Lord, keep us far from the riches of the world.” Each of us was sincere in… read more

The divinity school dilemma

By Mark Lockard
Recently, I experienced a wave of frustration related to my student loan debt. This happens from time to time, and really anything can set it off. Debt is stressful, as most of us … read more

Loving your social media neighbor

By Tyler SaldaƱa
We’ve all had those opportunities: Someone has posted a controversial photo, a seemingly racist/hateful status update, or attached a right-or-left wing extremist… read more

7 ways to raise up young leaders

By Ron Edmondson
I talk to pastors and leaders my age and older who want to see a new generation of leaders. They claim to love investing in younger leaders. They recognize the huge need in… read more

The speech of women

By Kira Schlesinger
The first time I preached a sermon to the congregation where I was doing my field education during Divinity School, I was terrified. Afterward, I received a lot of positive and… read more

Religious groups weigh support for Boy Scouts after vote to end ban on gay leaders

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) Are the days of religious groups’ involvement in the Boy Scouts numbered or will a pending vote on gay leadership give those who oppose it a workaround? Faith groups… read more
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