Top 5 ways pastoral counseling is like — and unlike — its ‘secular’ counterpart

By Talbot Davis
Many of you know that I spend a fair amount of my time in a role commonly described as “pastoral counseling.” People make appointments, come in either as individuals… read more

How not to succumb to numb

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
We live in a new (ab)normal with mass shootings almost every day of the week. As of this writing, there was shooting in London today, a few days ago San Bernardino, before that… read more

Is Christian vocation worth $75,000 in student loans?

By Lindsey Foster Stringer
Facebook has its downsides (cat memes, really accurate personality tests based on favorite movie quotes), but one of the things I appreciate about it is that I can see what is… read more

Addressing the loneliness of a pastor

By Ron Edmondson
Pastoring can be lonely. As a pastor, I’m supposed to find my strength in Christ, (and you have to know how helpful it is to be reminded as if those who are not pastors are… read more

Christmas Sunday… What should we do?

By Ben Gosden
So it’s the Sunday after Christmas (which falls on December 27th this year), you’ve spent all of your creative resources on special music and services throughout the… read more

Which gospel are you selling?

By Courtney T Ball
People buy stories, not the truth. Not long ago I read the helpful book "All Marketers are Liars" by Seth Godin. Actually, the copy I picked up was a later edition, on… read more

How to respond to negative people in the church

By Ron Edmondson
One of the most frustrating things about being a pastor is the number of people who are negative about everything. Thankfully, I deal with this less often the longer I am with the … read more

You know you're ready for young people if…

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
The number one thing I hear church leaders around the country say is: We’d like to have more young people in worship. That’s a terrific aspiration. But don’t say … read more

Undocumented strangers

By David Person
Hillary Clinton has pledged to stop using the term "illegal immigrants." She told journalist José Antonio Vargas that her choice of words was poor. “As… read more

When you're the pastor but not the leader

By Ron Edmondson
I was talking with a 25-year-old pastor recently. He is frustrated with the church where he serves. He was brought to the church because they wanted him to help the church grow… read more

The future of confirmation

By Jack Radcliffe
The United Methodist Publishing House is taking the bold step of creating new and innovative resources for youth ministry. Identifying key areas of need led to the development of… read more

Debunking the moth myth: Social media and the teenage search for presence

By Andrew Zirschky
“What we need is more video,” the youth pastor declared as we brainstormed about the problem of youth inattention at Wednesday night gatherings. The room of adult… read more
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