The future of confirmation

By Jack Radcliffe
The United Methodist Publishing House is taking the bold step of creating new and innovative resources for youth ministry. Identifying key areas of need led to the development of… read more

Debunking the moth myth: Social media and the teenage search for presence

By Andrew Zirschky
“What we need is more video,” the youth pastor declared as we brainstormed about the problem of youth inattention at Wednesday night gatherings. The room of adult… read more

A white youth worker’s call to anti-racist youth ministry

By Alaina Kleinbeck
Earlier this year, I spoke to 150 mostly middle school youth at a winter retreat focusing on the Lord’s Prayer. The assembled youth were mostly white, mostly middle class… read more

Living the questions: How to partner with youth on their faith formation journeys

By Tonya Y. Burton
An African proverb says, “Where you sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth.” There are many Bible stories where we encounter Jesus taking a stand on… read more

Tithing our anger

By Dave Barnhart
Your anger is too valuable to waste. I will confess, there is something particularly smarmy and preacherly about telling people what to spend their anger on, as if we have a… read more

Story time: How to be the kind of adult that youth actually want and need

By Elizabeth Corrie
It was only the second night at the Youth Theological Initiative’s three-week Summer Academy, and one of the staff members, whom we will call Anne, along with four teenage… read more

It’s the homestretch: Denomination reaches 90% of goal to combat malaria

By Laurens Glass
Thanks to the efforts of United Methodists across the connection, the church has reached 90% of its goal of $75 million to combat suffering and death from malaria. At a special… read more

Whatever happened to parents?

By David Olshine
WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Let me first stop and affirm that a number of youth workers—paid and nonpaid servants—highly appreciate and value the parents of their teens. … read more

Justice and God's requirement

By Ray Speller
With what shall I come to the Lord and bow myself before the God on high? Shall I come to Him with burnt offerings, with yearling calves?Does… read more

Remembering J. Ellsworth Kalas

By Mary Catherine Dean
Ellsworth Kalas was one of the good ones. He was warm, wonderful, a pleasure to hear from; a pleasure to be around. As his editor, I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw… read more

Oldest U.S. graduate seminary to close campus

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald / Religion News Service
(RNS) America’s oldest graduate seminary is once again blazing a trail for other mainline Protestant institutions to follow. But this time it’s a path many would… read more

7 steps to thinking strategically in the moment

By Ron Edmondson
Have you ever said something you wished later you hadn’t? It was a quick response, they needed a decision now — or thought they did — so you fired off an answer. … read more
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