Why aren't millennials attending your church?

By Tom Fuerst
The American church is obsessed with reaching millennials. Well, at least we are obsessed with talking about it. I’m not entirely convinced we really want to reach them, or… read more

Losing their religion: More women join the unspiritual set

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
(RNS) Nadia Bulkin, 27, the daughter of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, spends “zero time” thinking about God. And she finds that among her friends —… read more

Utah highest, Vermont lowest on newest church attendance poll

By Peggy Fletcher Stack / The Salt Lake Tribune
(RNS) More Utahns go to church every week — 51 percent — than any other state, according to a new Gallup poll. That statistic is “a direct result of… read more

Love and truth together: A response to Sarah Grove

By Karen Booth
On February 2 Ministry Matters published an article entitled “Rejecting conversion therapy, accepting love” by Sarah Grove. Grove is a self-styled “queer… read more

4 reasons every pastor needs a good pastor friend

By Ron Edmondson
Every pastor needs at least one good pastor friend. I’m thankful to serve and have served in churches with a good number of staff members I consider not only co-laborers… read more

The one thing every superhero needs

By Joseph Yoo
I've had a lifelong obsession with comic superheroes. And the one thing that all of my favorite superheroes have in common is courage. Courage seems to be the defining… read more

In the face of unrelenting snow, New England churches soldier on

By Lauren Markoe / Religion News Service
(RNS) If God brought all this snow, he also made it very hard to get to church. New Englanders, clobbered by four major storms in the past month and bracing for a fifth, are… read more

The gift of saying ‘I disagree’

By Dave Barnhart
“Women shouldn’t be in authority over men,” his female coworker said. “The Bible is clear about that. They should only teach other women and… read more

8 questions about church revitalization

By Ron Edmondson
I recently was interviewed by someone who is considering church revitalization for his next ministry assignment. My answers are not formalized — it was a casual conversation … read more

Survey: College freshmen distancing themselves from religion

By Rachel Rosenbaum / USA Today
(RNS) This year’s college freshmen are less concerned with their religious identity and more concerned about their future job prospects. Or at least that’s according… read more

Spotty training, increased violence impact young aid workers

By Mary Bowerman / USA Today
(RNS) The risk of foreign aid work, especially for young people, has again been thrust into the national spotlight after the death of 26-year-old Kayla Mueller. Mueller, a foreign … read more

Insider trading in the church

By Chad Holtz
Before becoming a pastor, I sold insurance and securities. In order to get my license I had to learn about compliance, which amounted to a whole lot of “don’t ever do… read more
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