Accentuate the Positive

By Barbara Bruce
This is the first of an alphabetical look at strategies for successful aging. I need to stress the importance of a positive attitude as we age. My grandmother always said, my… read more

Religious ‘Nones’ May Not Be Who You Think They Are

By Cathy Lynn Grossman
(RNS) In recent surveys, the religious "nones" — as in, "none of the above" — appear to lead in the faith marketplace. In fact, "none" could soon be the dominant label … read more

Review: Seven Levers

By Ed Trimmer
WOW! I have just finished reading Bishop Robert Schnase's, Seven Levers: Missional Strategies for Conferences (Abingdon Press, 2014). In this book, Bishop Schnase describes what… read more

Survey Finds Growth, Vitality in Multisite Church Model

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service
(RNS) The vast majority of multisite churches are growing, according to a new study, and they are seeing more involvement from lay people and newcomers after they open an… read more

Introducing Change

By Ed Trimmer
When should change be initiated in a local church? Perhaps you have heard the adage you should wait at least a year until you get to know the people. I find, especially as an… read more

Morning Joe and Civility in the Twilight Zone

By Shane Raynor
I'm a news junkie. I follow scores of news sources online, and I watch five cable news channels—MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC World News, and Al Jazeera America. My preference… read more

A New Christmas Carol

By Ed Zinkiewicz
Do you have a favorite Christmas carol you'd like us to sing? "Yes," my neighbor said. Then she added, "Your Cheatin' Heart." My friends and I were caroling. Much as we'd done for … read more

Monday Prayers from Malawi

By Jenny Youngman
What are your prayers this Lenten season? Are you seeking peace? Guidance? Less stress? More hope? Balance? I am praying for more awareness of God's movement. I want to be more… read more

Spiritual Disciplines You Have Time For! Worship

By Kimberly MacNeill
Have you ever read about spiritual pathways like this before? Is this a new concept for you? How do you feel about it? Identify your spiritual pathway. Is it listed here? Does… read more

Christian Formation Isn't My Job

By Nurya Love Parish
The title of this post is factually untrue. I am employed by a church. My position description includes oversight of all the church's programs of formation for infants through… read more

Is Exorcism Going Mainstream?

By Shane Raynor
I was catching up on the news today and happened to run across a remarkable piece from last week's TIME: "At Weekly Exorcisms, Egypt's Muslims and Christians Unite Against the… read more

4,000 Member Church Votes to Leave PCUSA

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey / Religion News Service
(RNS) Members of one of the largest congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA) have voted to leave the denomination, despite facing an $8.89 million cost for leaving. Menlo… read more
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