'Will the conference affect Portlanders?'

By Nance Hixon
"Will the conference affect Portlanders?" she asked.Tomorrow, May 10th, the United Methodist Church's General Conference will begin in Portland, Oregon. Every four years bishops… read more

Transformed for the work of transforming

By Neil M. Alexander
I was sharing with coworkers about the UMC’s General Conference and trying to remember how many of the every-four-year events I’d attended. To my surprise, counting on … read more

The power of story: An open letter to Bishop Jones

By Dave Barnhart
Dear Bishop Jones: In your recent article “Blest Be the Tie that Binds,” you shared a story about a man who was involved in a continuing adulterous relationship who… read more

Going viral

By Kira Schlesinger
My church is in the same Tennessee county as Global Vision Bible Church, led by Pastor Greg Locke, whom you might know from his viral video on Target’s transgender bathroom… read more

The genius of slow change

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
I had a vision to beautify the barren property that surrounded the church I served. It was an engaging vision that garnered lots of buy-in. Trees and fencing were donated. A… read more

The Passionate Church: Mike Slaughter and Karen Perry Smith

By Shane Raynor
In this edition of Ministry Matters Radio, I talk with Mike Slaughter and Karen Perry Smith about their book The Passionate Church. We discuss a healthy… read more

Facing the spotlight

By David Person
Religious leaders of every faith and denomination should watch the Academy-award winning film “Spotlight.” It’s based on the true story of how an investigative… read more

'Clarity' in United Methodist Theology: a Necessity or a Tool for Takeover?

By Dalton Rushing
The 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church is two weeks away. Predictably, the issue of human sexuality has received top billing; in the meetings of the delegation … read more

Blest Be the Tie that Binds

By Scott J. Jones
During the last four months, I have had multiple invitations to break my vows. Many people have suggested that, in the name of protesting against perceived injustice, I should… read more

Art of the Sermon: Learning as you go

By Dan Wunderlich
Thanks for checking out this episode of Art of the Sermon! Be sure to subscribe through iTunes, Google Play Music, or your favorite podcast app. If you enjoy this episode, leave a … read more

Praying for General Conference

By Mike Slaughter
Every four years, the United Methodist Church convenes at General Conference. On May 10-20, 864 global delegates — half of them clergy and half laity — will gather in… read more

Between the Bible and The UMC, where's Christ?

By M. Kathryn Armistead
In a recent article, Adam Hamilton says, “No issue will be more closely watched than the debate and decisions of the Conference regarding gay and lesbian people.” He… read more
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