Embracing the awkwardness: Liturgy for Palm/Passion Sunday

By Greg Moore, Cameron Merrill
The liturgy below includes a sample homily, found here. Together, they form a complete Palm/Passion Sunday worship experience.  In one scene of the movie "Keeping the… read more

Thoughtful pastor: The final judgment and church demands

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: The Bible tells us that as Christians Jesus forgives us for our sins (our sins are erased), but then it also says we will answer for them when we get to… read more

Following other gods: Unity as a penultimate value

By Drew McIntyre
"You shall have no other gods before unity." — Exodus 20:3 (paraphrased) Dr. Steve Harper argued recently that the basic issue in the United Methodist Church is whether … read more

How to deal with church discipline of felines

By Greg Gregory
In response to my previous diffusion of wisdom, "7 things cats do to sabotage church," Laodocean Luke writes: Aww man this is truth in its rarest form. Our church cat has… read more

New data shows women clergy earn 85 to 90 cents for a man’s dollar

By Tobin Grant / Religion News Service
(RNS) Until recently, national data on the clergy pay gap was unavailable or unreliable, in part because of the relatively few numbers of women clergy. But in January, I reported… read more

Hold the phone: 3 impactful telephone ministries

By Todd Outcalt
In many respects our lives are now defined by our electronic devices. Whether it be the personal computer, a notepad, television or the latest cell phone — devices have… read more

The pivot

By Steve Harper
As the United Methodist General Conference approaches, the various plans being put forward regarding human sexuality make it appear that the decisive factor will be which… read more

Maybe church buildings aren't as big a deal as we thought

By Joseph Yoo
Those of us who have attended church seemingly forever sometimes feel that the church building is the best tool for evangelism. When we’re confronted with (or we finally… read more

4 bold leadership moves Zumba can teach the church

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
I’m a Zumba aficionado. I admit it. I love the rhythms, the music and the fun of these classes. Zumba, in case you don’t know, is a fitness class that draws on… read more

7 of the quickest ways to frustrate people on a team

By Ron Edmondson
With every team or organization I have led there have been people who get frustrated with someone else on the team. In full disclosure, sometimes others have been frustrated with… read more

How to ruin a team ministry in 5 easy steps

By A. Trevor Sutton
Practicing team ministry is like assembling Ikea furniture without the instructions. With both, there are many parts, each with a specific function, and no obvious clues for how… read more

Advice for when you're leaving your church

By Tom Fuerst
As a pastor, I know there are people who come to my church from other churches and who leave my church to go to other churches. I understand that this happens, and in some cases… read more
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