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  1. Review: Bounty

    Article Review: Bounty

    As a college chaplain and professor, I missed many aspects about my former life as a pastor; I never missed the fall stewardship campaign. Giving to the church is, in my…

  2. Choosing Community

    Article Choosing Community

    Two choices. Choosing to live in isolation like Tom Hanks stuck on that island with his sad little volleyball, Wilson, slowly going crazy with nothing but your own thoughts to…

  3. Your Building Matters

    Article Your Building Matters

    Our building footprint matters. So how do you prepare your facility to be inviting to guests? Look at your building through the eyes of a guest. Better yet, invite unconnected…

  4. What Elephant?

    Article What Elephant?

    A church, synagogue, cathedral, temple, mosque, or par­ish can be a dangerous place. The hazards often lurk within the religious institution itself. In fact, these perils may…

  5. Building Community Through Ministry Teams

    Article Building Community Through Ministry Teams

    As wonderful as our worship gatherings are, everyone sitting in long rows facing a pastor is not real community. Large gatherings of people for corporate worship and teaching are…

  6. A Generous Life

    Article A Generous Life

    Christian life at its best is marked by generosity. Followers of Jesus should be eager to serve. They should abound in char­ity, love, hope, and faith. Christians should be…

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