1. Spiritual Gifts: Discovering and Using

    Article Spiritual Gifts: Discovering and Using

    How do you help people discover and use their spiritual gifts? Ministry Matters has a spiritual gifts discovery tool drawn from the small group study Serving from the Heart by…

  2. Ministry Team Leadership: Go Deeper

    Article Ministry Team Leadership: Go Deeper

    Being a team leader for a ministry is a great privilege. You get to set the stage for people to serve God and others in a meaningful way. Ministry teams are most often made up of …

  3. Hospitality: More than Coffee

    Article Hospitality: More than Coffee

    12Stone® Church has already added an additional Saturday night six o'clock worship service to make room for their increase of newcomers this season. The service began in…

  4. The Dance of Ministry

    Article The Dance of Ministry

    A hundred pounds and two kids ago I was a dancer. In fact, I was a dance caller for the local contra dance group that meets every Friday night in Nashville. For those who…

  5. Ministry of All Christians

    Article Ministry of All Christians

    Called by God I’ve just spent three days as part of my annual conference’s board of ordained ministry interviewing people who want to be part of various kinds of…

  6. Accruing Power

    Article Accruing Power

    The leadership or nominating committee of any local church is a place where we pastors can do our most productive work. In a best-case scenario, committee members put their heads…

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