Betsy Hall

Betsy Hall

Betsy Hall has served on a large church staff, helped with a church merger, and planting a new church. Betsy received a masters degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. In her spare time she leads small groups and enjoys gardening. She has a slight Ministry Matters BIN problem she's working on.


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Promise for Haiti

By Betsy Hall
As the seventh of nine children born to a lay Baptist minister in Haiti, young Guy Theodore would often go with his father by donkey to visit the sick and dying people around… read more

Food from the Earth

By Betsy Hall
As a gardener myself I have been doing a little research on how local churches are participating in community gardening projects. I found out about Erin McKenzie who is the Garden … read more

Called to Youth Ministry: Beth Morris

By Betsy Hall
I was excited to see Beth Morris at the NYWC not just to catch up (we've known each other for awhile) but it's great to know we have youth ministers who are called to youth… read more

Getting Started in Caring Ministries

By Betsy Hall
One of the greatest challenges for the pastor and staff of a church is providing care and support to individuals and families. The needs are often great in our communities and can … read more

Please Write and Doodle

By Betsy Hall
I still have my first two Bibles. My first Bible I received in the third grade but didn't use until seminary. The second Bible (an easier translation to read) I used in college… read more

Highway Hypnosis and Church

By Betsy Hall
Recently, a friend was explaining highway hypnosis to me. Basically, it's all those times I have driven to a destination only to arrive not remembering how I got there. Then it… read more
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