Jessica Miller Kelley

Jessica Miller Kelley

Jessica Miller Kelley is an editor and pastor's wife living in Nashville, Tennessee. A denominational mutt her work equipping and inspiring leaders for ministry is informed by a wide range of church experiences. She blogs about working motherhood, cute kids and craftiness at The Parsonage Family.


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Merging Perishing Parishes? Perish the Thought!

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Last week on Ministry Matters, United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon kickstarted a debate over small churches and their worthiness of denominational support and subsidy. Ignoring… read more

From a First-Time VBS Director

By Jessica Miller Kelley
After a staffing change last fall left my church without a dedicated children's minister, I got the fabulous idea that I should volunteer for the responsibility of leading… read more

Family Concerns: When to Refer

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Many seminarians in their introductory Pastoral Care class hear this cardinal rule for any counseling work they will do in their capacity as a congregational leader: Know when to… read more

Butler's Winning Values

By Jessica Miller Kelley
If you follow college basketball, you know that tonight is the final game of the NCAA tournament. Louisville v. Michigan for the whole enchilada. Usually, I am following the games … read more

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bulletins and Newsletters

By Jessica Miller Kelley
It's a rare church that has a graphic designer on staff, or even an experienced professional willing to volunteer for the sometimes-tedious task of compiling the information for… read more

Inspiration and Inclusion at the Inauguration

By Jessica Miller Kelley
The inauguration of a president is inspirational in many ways. The national colors and anthems, pomp and circumstance can fill spectators with patriotic joy, marveling at our… read more
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